About PrayerForCancer.com

Prayer for Cancer is a free web site where anyone can post a prayer request for someone suffering with cancer. With a simple account, a user may post as many prayer requests they like. It is designed to allow updates so others may follow the progress of those that are being prayed for.

The site is also for those that would like to pray for others with cancer. You browse the home page requests, or sign up to receive updates to pray for.

A Little History
PrayerForCancer.com is currently a personal endeavor. The hosting and domain costs were funded by a cancer survivor. With his help; fueled by the comfort of daily prayer as he underwent chemo, radiation and stem cell treatments.

I donít think that there are many whose life has not been touched by cancer in a loved one. Having lost both my parents to the dreaded disease, I know the helplessness that even a devout believer in prayer can have as some one close, deteriorates day-by-day.

Last year a close friend was diagnosed with multiple myloma. As a Christian, I decided to see if I could gather a team of folks that would prayer for him everyday until he was cancer-free, or lost the battle. I couldnít. So, I decided to take on the burden alone. I am happy to report, after over a year of chemo, radiation, and stem cell treatments, he is cancer free!

In one of our talks, he and I decided to pray about the possibility of a site where a cancer patient could submit a simple request for prayer, and others would take on the daily burden of praying for healing, praying against fear, and asking God for comfort. Thanks Dave!

This site is dedicated to my mother Elizabeth and my father Robert; both who lost their battles with cancer. I miss you Mom and Dad!

The operators of this site make no claims, guarantees or promises to those that use it. We do not endorse, support, sanction, encourage or verify the content, comments, opinions or statements made on this site, or on any sites linked to on the PrayerForCancer.com.

Prayer for Cancer does not endorse or recommend any particular treatment protocol for users or include information on all available treatments.

We simply believe that prayer works. Ultimately God is in charge, and for those that lose their battle with cancer, we believe that salvation thought faith in Jesus Christ is the best cure for any disease.


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